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What do you need to pay attention to about PVOC certification?

Befrom:广州市倢晨电子技术服务有限公司   Newstime:2018-06-27 13:56:37

PVOC certification is based on the Kenya Standard Bureau's implementation of the export standard verification plan in September 29, 2005. At present, as long as the products in the PVOC catalogue must have relevant certificates before shipment, they are provided to Kenya Customs after the arrival of the port, otherwise it is impossible to enter the country. Now let's learn more about the matters needing attention in PVOC certification.


1, application forms, packing lists and invoices need to be stamped.

2, the test report should be within the valid period of time;

3, if the goods are packed in wooden packages and plant materials, they need to provide official or other certification bodies' identification or identification.

4. In the case of changes and changes on the day of confirmation, the general company will see the same reinspection. When the inspector of the company arrives at the appointed inspection place, all the goods to be checked must be prepared and arranged to assist the inspection. Containers must arrive punctually when loading inspection. If the container is late, the inspector of the company will wait for more than an hour at most. If the container can not arrive at the scene within one hour, the checker will leave. Then you need another time to retest.

5, inspection and supervision should not be carried out in the same place at the same time. If you find the address is wrong or temporarily change the address, this will cause the inspection is not normal, then the time will be renewed, and it will also be charged.

6, supervision requirements: generally can not be loaded at night or weekend, otherwise personnel arrangements are unlawfully reached.

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