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What are some of the more common RCM authentication solutions in Australia?

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RCM certification is a unified symbol of electrical products. It is a RCM logo that Australia and New Zealand are introducing. It is a trademark owned by the Australian and New Zealand regulators, indicating that the product meets the requirements of the security rules and EMC, not mandatory. So in Australia and New Zealand, people will ask questions, and then let's share with you what's the most common questions and answers to the RCM sign registration.


1. What is RCM?

The RCM is a graphical symbol indicating some of the regulatory requirements used by the supplier to declare the product according to the compliance mark. These Regulations include the relevant provisions of the electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the state's power law, as well as the radio communication requirements of the radio communications law of Australia and the radio communication law of New Zealand.

2, is RCM accepted by the statutory authority?

If the use conditions of the RCM sign are met, the electrical security, the ECM and the radio communication statutory authority will accept the RCM sign as the supplier's compliance statement, thus avoiding the need for the use of different symbols for each statutory authority.

3. What is the technical requirement of the product?

Requirements for electrical safety, product technology for ECM and radio communications are usually specified in the joint standards of Australia and New Zealand.

4. Is the use of RCM mandatory?

Of course, it is not mandatory. ECM and radio attach "C-Tick" or "RCM" logo on products required by statutory regulatory authorities. The electrical safety statutory authority accepts RCM as an alternative way to demonstrate electrical safety compliance, and other ways include the approval certificate number and the manufacturer's code. However, for the same product, the RCM logo is the only sign that can be accepted by multiple statutory bodies and a single sign is very beneficial to the supplier.

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