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Do you know what the SONCAP certification application mode is?

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SONCAP certification refers to the export of goods Nigeria will be certified, but not all of the products have SONCAP certification can enter the Nigeria market, SONCAP certified products are the range, then which products can be certified by SONCAP? What are the methods to apply for SONCAP certification? Then let's get to know it.


Except for the following products, the rest can be in the controlled catalogue.

1. Second hand products except cars;

2. Medical equipment except medical equipment and machinery;

3. Food and medicine;

4. Military products;

5. As a chemical raw material for production;

6. Products prohibited by the government;

There are three modes to apply for SONCAP authentication:

First, the shipments are less in one year. The exporter produces the later products. After the inspectors test the products, the samples are extracted from the big goods and are tested. After the test is completed and qualified, the PC1 certificate is required. Before the product is shipped, the inspector will be supervised and attached to the product before the product is shipped, and then the SC certificate is issued. Books.

Two, for the product in a year of multiple shipments: first, the exporter applies for PC2 certificate, the process of applying for PC2 is as follows: application form, product information, effective test report, factory system review, and PC2 after 1 years. After the goods are well produced, the factory needs to apply for SC supervision and installation. After the application is complete, the goods can be inspected, sampled and installed at a ratio of not less than forty percent, and the SC certificate is issued.

Three, for one year's frequent shipments: first, the factory applies for PC3, the application conditions are as follows: the factory carries on the audit and the qualified, effective test report, the valid time limit after getting Lisense is 1 years.

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