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About the Russian customs union ECA certification process, to understand?

Befrom:广州市倢晨电子技术服务有限公司   Newstime:2018-06-29 11:11:21

With the closer relationship between China and Russia, and the more close trade between China and Russia, a large number of Russian products will be exported to the country every year, and there will be a large number of products exported to Russia. So there is a Russian certification, so you know what the certification needs. Are there some processes? Now let's get to know it in detail.


1. When completing the application form of the customs union CU-TR certification, we must confirm the name, type and quantity of the export products, as well as the codes of the product customs.

2, certification bodies should confirm product classification and certification mode according to customs code and product information and the requirements to be implemented.

3, the manufacturer submits the Russian information, technical documents and test reports of some products according to the certification scheme of the certification body, and provides a contract for the goods with the CIS countries;

4, certification experts to the production plant to conduct product testing and quality system audit;

5, the production plant can modify the product information files or quality system documents according to the opinions of the institutional experts.

6. The certification organization should make a draft of the certificate, and the applicant must confirm that the draft is correct.

7. The issuance of certificates;

8, the certificate should be put on record in the official network.

9, paste the ECA certification mark on the brand name of the product, and clear the customs with the photocopy of the certificate.

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