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Do you know what the Saudi SASO certification is?

Befrom:广州市倢晨电子技术服务有限公司   Newstime:2018-06-25 15:25:46

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of industry and commerce requires all SASO certification standards. All products require a SASO certificate to enter the Saudi customs. If no SASO certificate is held, the customs of the Saudi port will be refused entry. Here we have a detailed explanation of the SASO authentication information.


At present, there are many different types of certification, they are different in the product, different to the authentication requirements, such as TUV, BV, NEMKO, CQC, and so on. Because of the different issuing agencies, they will have many different options in the selection, but this has to see the experience of the detection company.

As an example of 10 years of SASO accreditation, they are very rich in experience and are guaranteed to get quality. CNAS, CMA ISO 17025, and so on are all recognized laboratories of the country. For information about Saudi Arabia's SASO certification, please refer to the following:

One, SASO certification cost

1. The cost of inspection is based on the value of the goods.

2, the inspection fee can be decided according to the product.

Two. Some procedures that need to be applied when certifying SASO authentication.

1, please confirm the quotation according to the product information provided.

2, when filling out the application form, it is necessary to provide commercial invoice and packing list.

3. After the test is passed, confirm the inspection time ---- inspection pass;

4, according to the final documents provided by customers, such as final packing list and invoice.

5, the last is to send SASO-COC clearance certificate.

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